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We have career opportunities in all functions across all of our businesses around the world. Learn more about the various career areas.

Career Areas


Administrative employees work in all areas of the company. The positions range from entry-level assistants to executive assistants and coordinators. These positions are highly visible and can support one or more executives in all areas — ranging from development and production to marketing and accounting.

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting career opportunities are available at the corporate level as well as in every division of the company. The Finance & Accounting teams help the business to function efficiently and effectively, providing the financial intelligence on which key decisions are based. We also have roles in Audit and Tax.

Information Technology

The Information Technology teams develop and maintain the systems and infrastructure that optimize our business processes, deliver the right information for decision-making, drive business innovation and mitigate enterprise risks.


We have legal counsel at the corporate level as well as in many of our divisions. Our Legal teams support us by advising on everything ranging from copyright and trademark issues, to production-related legal issues, to business contracts and more.

Marketing and Public Relations

We have some of the most memorable and recognizable content around the world. It is our Marketing and Public Relations teams across our various companies — from film to television — that work to develop unforgettable campaigns to engage consumers around the world.

Human Resources

Human Resources establishes policies and procedures that ensure we have the right talent in the right places to implement our overall business strategy. Human Resources and Talent Acquisition attract, retain and develop the best talent in the business. Some of the opportunities within Human Resources include Benefits, Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).

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